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Eleven Madison Park FAQ
About the Restaurant
    About Bookings
    1. Can I get a refund once purchased? Can I exchange my booking for a different night?

      Just like a sporting event, concert, or theater ticket all sales are final. Exceptions may be made at the restaurant's discretion; however, bookings of all types are always transferable. You can review all your confirmed bookings and/or transfer your bookings from your Tock profile.

    2. Can I give my booking away or sell it?

      Yes. The booking is completely transferable. However, selling bookings for greater than face value may be illegal in your area. Anyone who purchases a booking from another patron should take care to be sure that the beverage pairing options are as claimed by requesting both an email confirmation from us as well as a printed receipt from the seller. Any bookings purchased on the secondary market are at the purchaser's risk. We will not be held responsible for forgeries or misrepresentations. Bookings are transferable, but we strongly encourage anyone considering buying bookings from any other source to refrain from doing so without confirmation from us.

      To transfer a booking, go to the "My Account" area using the upper right navigation pane and select "Your Bookings". Each booking has a transfer button next to it.

    3. I already have a Tock account and want to see my existing bookings, what do I do?

      You will need to login to your account by clicking on the upper right navigation pane. Enter the email for your existing account and you will receive a confirmation code to verify your account.

    4. Will I be able to see my previous purchases?

      Yes, all bookings purchased (used and unused) will be in your account. If you do not see your bookings, please confirm that the email you used to purchase the booking is the same.

    5. Why do I get charged when adding a credit card?

      Adding a credit card may require a small test charge to validate your account. Don't worry, this is just a test and the charge will disappear from your statement.